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Special Thanks

See: House of Calleja, The Early Years, Victor B Caruana, Website Dedication, Words of My Father and Mother

Bernini Masterpiece Colonnade Piazza San Pietro Vatican City, Rome, Italyto the family:

I would like to give special thanks to my Parent, Pacifico and Theresa Calleja for their Unconditional Love and Sacrifice.

To my loving wife Genoveva, I thank you for your Love, Support, Patients, Understanding and for believing in me.

To my Brothers and Sisters , Living and who have been Laid to Rest, I thank you for your Love, Friendship, and Guidance through the years.

To my Ancestors, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, I thank you for my rich heritage, your Love and Friendship.

I would also like to thank the Salud Family, especially Glenn, George, Robert Salud for their help, support, love and friendship.

to the models:

Alana, Alaine, Alicia, Ali, Alika, Andrew, Anna, Antonia, Aric, Asia, Bessie, Brad, Bridget, Brittnee, Cassey, Charlie, Christina, Christine, Claraa, Claudia, Collette, Daniel, Donna, Dorty, Elizabeth, Eve, Gabriel, Gail, Gina, Heidi, Hina, Iris, Isidra, J.D. , Janus, Jasmine and Justine Jones, Jenifer, Jenifer M., Jessie, Kanoe, Katinia, Katherine, Kelly, Kimberly, kristen,Leah, Lehua, Lori Lee, Maili, Michelle, Mike, Malia, Marissa, Mari, Makiko, Moani V, Nani, Narcissa, Natalia, Natalie, Pamela, Parichat, Pili Aloha, Raina, Randima, Rea, Rene', Regina, Robert, Serina, Sharla, Shelly, Stefanie, Sumar, Summer, Tanya, Tepa, Xan.

I thank you for your Trust, Friendship, Love, Support, For allowing me To Capture and Create and for Believing in my work.

to the makeup artists - hair designers:

I would like to thank all of the makeup artists and hair designers that I have worked with through the years ,I thank you for your creative energies ,your friendship and support.

Genoveva Calleja, Gia, Dhyana, Dotsy Hopkins, Hillary, Greg Howell, George Johnson, Kim, Lisa Irizarry, Cher, Toni, Salina Law, Jocelyn Mendonca, Rene Oliviera, and Rose Thomas.

Mission street San Franciscophoto assistants:

Allison, Eve, Ericka, Naleisha, Nani, Rei, Ryan, Sarah, Tasha, Terra.

to my friends:

I would like to give special thanks to Philip Brazina, and the Brazina family for without their support and creative energies this web site would not exist.

To my good friend Ray Galaza at Pictures Plus, I thank you for all of your help through the years, your support , and your friendship.

To Jason Powell, at Spyder Web Productions ,I thank you for your friendship, for all of your support, patience, and help in perfecting this site.

To Ted Reed from for his friendship, support and knowledge.

To all of my friends I thank you for your love , support, friendship and words of encouragement.

to the masters:

To the Masters who inspire, I thank you for your contribution to the Arts:

Erwin Blumenfeld, Henri Cartier Brisson, Ruth Bernhard, Bouguereau, Sandro Bottichelli, Imogen Cunningham, Salvador Dali, Patrick Demachelier, Robert Farber, Philippe Halsman, Maplethorpe, Aguste Rodin, Jan Saundek

to my lord :

To my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I Thank You for Love and Sacrifice and The Gift of Everlasting Life.

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