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As a Hawaii Senior Portrait Photographer, I offer affordable Oahu Graduation Portrait Photography services with beautiful Oahu Seascapes and landscapes for a backdrop.

Senior Portrait Photography Services:

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Honolulu Senior Portrait Photography ServicesA unique portrait should tell a story. It should say something about yourself. Maybe it's based on a day in the life of, or it could even be fantasy.

How do you see yourself being captured ?...

I can capture a senior portrait right for you. Which you will cherish and share with your loved ones for many years to come and pass down to future generations.

Call today and I will help you to record your memories!

For your convenience, all of my Senior Portrait Photo Sessions include an SD Card with all of the high-resolution unedited 22-megapixel images right out of the camera.

Most of my Customers ask... How am I able to offer this?

I photograph every Senior Portrait Photo Session with a Canon 5D Mark 3 which has 2 card slots, one card with the Raw files and another with the high-resolution Jpeg files. I also work with an assortment of Lenses, changing the perspective of the image several times during my Photo Sessions. I pay extra attention to the little details during the Photo Session, which makes a huge difference with the end product.

What sets me apart from other Senior Portrait Photographers is, I photographed with film for most of my Portrait Photography Career, which disciplined me towards getting it right every time, straight out of the camera, (SOOC Images).

Most Graduation Portrait Photographers offer a Disc of some of the Proofs which you will receive 3 weeks later. You might be able to find Portrait Photographers on Oahu who advertise for less, but I don't think you'll find any Oahu Photographer out there who offers a better value. Even my smallest Portrait package is huge when compared to a lot of other Senior Portrait Photographers out there. I photograph every Senior Photo Session personally and works very hard at every Photo Session. You will receive a Copyright for Reprinting and I also offer portrait plus packages which include editing. There is always the option to add Level 3 photo retouching and printing services. You also have the option to purchase the Raw Image Files.

30-Minute Portrait Special:30-Minute Portrait Special:

If you are looking for a Great Bargain, this affordable Oahu portrait photography special is just what you are looking for. It makes for a wonderful gift and this photo session is perfect for Senior Portraits.

For more details on the 30 minute special see: Oahu Portrait Special



Oahu Graduating Seniors Portrait Plus Packages

I offer 4 affordable senior portrait packages that includes Level 2 editing. At the end of your senior portrait photo session you receive an SD Card straight out of the camera with all the high-resolution unedited image files, (SOOC Images). At your convenience, you will review the images and email us you image selections for editing. Once the editing is complete we will upload the image files to and email you a link to your edited image files. We include a Personal* copyright for reprints with all of our services.

45-Minute Senior Portrait Plus Package45-Minute Senior Portrait Plus Package

Our on-location Senior portrait plus package includes 45 minutes of time with (5) Level 2 edited images of your choice.

Price $285.

Reserve Your Senior Portrait Photo Session Today!


60-Minute Senior Portrait Plus Package60-Minute Senior Portrait Plus Package

Our on-location Senior portrait plus package includes 60 minutes of time with (10) Level 2 edited images of your choice.

Price $365.

60-Minute Graduating Senior Portrait Photo Session Today!


90-Minute Senior Portrait Plus Package90-Minute Senior Portrait Plus Package

Our on-location Senior portrait plus package includes 90 minutes of time with (10) Level 2 edited images of your choice.

Price $442.

Reserve Your 90-Minute Senior Portrait Photo Session Today!


120-Minute Senior Portrait Plus Package120-Minute Senior Portrait Plus Package

Our on-location Senior portrait plus package includes 120 minutes of time with (20) Level 2 edited images of your choice.

Price $657.

Reserve Your 120-Minute Senior Portrait Photo Session Today!


Senior Portrait Waimanalo Beach* If additional time is required to complete the Senior Portrait session we would ask if you would like to go the next photo session package.
* The 30-minute and 45-minute Photo Sessions are not available for Sunrise, Sunset, Night-time sessions, or for sessions on the North shores of Oahu.
* Travel times between locations and changing time is part of the photo session time.
* Photo Session run on time and there is no grace period.
* Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure an on time photo session.
* Some location may require a travel fee.
* Price Does not include State of Hawaii General Exise Tax

Things To Consider:-
We strongly suggest making a copy of your photo sessionimages on SD Card a great way could be to upload them to DropBox. There is a $50 image replacement fee if you have lost your SD Card.
Unedited Raw Files are $18. USD each
Edited PSD Files for Super Enlargements are $35.USD each
Additional Edited prints and Files are $25.USD each.
New Photo Retouching Packages !! view Photo Retouching Packages
Advanced Photo Editing and Photo Retouching Services. view Photo Retouching Samples

* See Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies view

Photography Service

I am proud to offer you, quality professional portrait photography services, affordable prices, and fast turn-around. I am energetic and fun to work with. I love the challenge of finding a great photo in every Graduating Senior photography photo session, whether it's a bride and groom at a wedding, engagement couples photo session, Waikiki Honeymoon, or Family Vacation Photos. My clients trust my experience and professionalism.

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