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Anthony Calleja, Photo Editing Procedures, Anthony Calleja Photography, Photo Editing Procedures

Making Your Photo Selection and Photo Editing Procedures:-

oahu hawaii honeymoon photographyThe SD Card you received at the end of the photo session is the proofs or unedited Jpeg files. (with no water mark)

If you are using a PC go to my computer, then go to the drive that represents the SD card and transfer the files from there.

If you are using a Mac, once the SD card is connected to your computer the files will be on the desk top open the folder and drag the files from there

Don't use any automated software, it will give you the wrong file numbers which need to match my file numbers.

Once you have reviewed the proofs, you would then decide if you would like to add photo retouching.

If your photo session included editing you would email me the image numbers for the files you would like edited and any special instruction for each image.

You have the option to order prints of the images you would like edited.

We would then edit the images you would like edited and once the edited images are ready you will then receive an email via Dropbox with the electronic edited images printable to 20x30 or if you are ordering print you will receive the prints via Fed Ex Shipping.

* Please Note! The SD Card is formatted for a Canon Camera and is viewable on any Canon Camera, Mac Computer, Windows Computer, and an Ipad with an SD Card attachment.

Thnings To Consider:-

Photo Montage images are $75. per image and must be requested at time of booking.
We strongly suggest making a copy of the images on SD Card. There is a $50 image replacement fee if you have lost your SD Card.
Unedited Raw Files are $18. USD each
Edited PSD Files for Super Enlargements are $35.USD each
Package Prices do not include Shipping and Handling.
FedEx Shipping and Handling in the US is $25. - International FedEx Shipping and Handling is $35.

Anthony Calleja, Oahu Photo Editing Procedures, Anthony Calleja Photography, Hawaii Photo Editing Procedures, making your photo selections
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