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Photo Retouching Comparisons

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Below are example of photo transitions from Unedited to HDR

Unedited photo

Unedited photo as photographed out of the Camera

Level Two Retouching

Level Two Retouching includes color correction, leveling the horizon, dodge and burn, people removal, sand smoothing, vivid color enhancement. Level Two Editing price: $60 for 5 images

Level Three Retouching

Level Three Retouching includes everything in Level One and Level Two plus,digital cosmetic surgery and retouching face only, creative techniques, removing facial blemishes and wrinkles, teeth whitening, eye brightening, stray hair removal, removal of small objects and imperfection. Level Three Editing price: $25 per image.

HDR Photo Editing

HDR Photo Editing includes everything in Level One, Level Two, Level Three plus, greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods.

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