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Words of My Father and Mother

Marriage Tips

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Wedding Photograph of My ParentsI thought I would share with you some of the Tips that my Father and Mother shared with me when I was about 22 years old.

My Parents were Happily Married for 52 years:)

1. Love One Another Unconditionally

2. Trust One Another Unconditionally and Be Each Others Best Friend.

3. Always Give Each Other the benefit of the doubt and Never rush to judgment.

4. Think Before you Speak, because Once you say it, it is too late and you can never take it back.

5. Speak from the Heart and be sensitive to each others needs and feelings.

6. Never go to bed mad at each other and always kiss each other good night.

7. Don't be afraid to be the first to say i'm sorry.

8. Have family activities and keep the fire and passion that brought you together alive.

9. Plan little surprises for each other.

9. Build your Dreams together.

10. Alway Stay True to Each Other.

Santa Maria Church, town of Mosta Malta

Santa Maria Church, town of Mosta Malta Circa 1940. My Parents were Married here in 1942.

Theresa and Pacifico Calleja Circa 1993

Theresa and Pacifico Calleja Circa 1993

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