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Manoa Falls

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bird of Paradise on the trail to the FallsThis waterfall on Oahu is not only the closest falls from Waikiki, but also one of the most stunning Oahu Waterfalls worth visiting on the island! A quick 15 to 20 minute drive will take you from the Waikiki hotels to the lush Manoa Valley. Manoa is recorded as the wettest spot on Oahu that receives more rainfall than anywhere else on the island. Just imagine the impact this has on this Oahu waterfall…! The trek up to the Manoa Falls is pretty much a flat trail, but can get muddy at times as you could imagine. Stay the course for about an hour, & you will find yourself staring up at one of the tallest Oahu waterfalls -150 feet tall!










Hikers on the trail to the waterfalls of Manoa, A bamboo stick can be very useful and can be found on the trail to the waterfall
waterfalls of Manoa Oahu Hawaii
Honolulu Sailboat Races, Honolulu Oahu Hawaii
waterfalls of Manoa Oahu Hawaii
waterfalls of Manoa Oahu Hawaii
Hikers on the trail, working their way back down from the waterfalls of Manoa, through the Bamboo forest
waterfalls of Manoa Oahu Hawaii
Hikers on the trail from the waterfalls of Manoa, the trail can be very muddy and slippery after a night of poring rain
Pink Lehua on the trail to the Falls

Manoa Falls - Waterfalls on Oahu - Hawaii Waterfalls - Oahu Waterfalls

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