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As a Hawaii Photographer, I offer affordable Hawaii Corporate and Commercial Photography services with beautiful Oahu Seascapes and landscapes for a backdrop.

Corporate and Commercial Photography Rates and Fees

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Hawaii Corporate Photography Oahu Commercial Photography Rates - FeesMy corporate and commercial photography rates follow the industry-standard formula of being comprised of two separate fees: a creative fee (plus any expenses incurred on assignment) and a usage fee.

Corporate and Commercial Photography Creative Fee

The creative fee is the rate you're paying for my time, talent and equipment. Creative fees (sometimes called photography fees) reflect the experience, creativity and vision a photographer brings to a particular assignment, along with the complexity of the project.

Issues such as the total number of finished images needed, scheduling, site logistics or the need for specialized skills or equipment can all impact the creative fee.

My standard minimum creative fee for corporate and commercial photography is $280 per hour, billed in half-hour increments with a two-hour minimum. While this fee is a minimum, more than 90 percent of the corporate and commercial photography assignments I encounter fall under this minimum.

For assignments in excess of eight hours, the ninth through 12th hours will be billed at $150 each. If more than 12 hours are required to complete the assignment (not counting simple travel time), each additional hour over 12 will be billed at $200.

Corporate and Commercial Photography Usage Fees

Photo usage fees (also known as licensing fees) reflect the value of the usage for each image in the assignment. This is determined by a number of considerations, including how widely and for how long the images will be reproduced and distributed. The more extensive the rights required by the client, the higher the usage fee.

Corporate and Commercial Photography Expenses

For assignments requiring the use of one or more photo assistants, each assistant will be billed at cost, typically averaging $150 per day in most markets I serve.

Travel time


shipping handling, cd burning, contact sheets, etc.

payment, grant of rights

Corporate and Commercial Photography Usage Fees

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