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Honolulu Gay Wedding Photographers

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Hawaii Gay Destination weddings are a unique way to celebrate your marriage against a stunning backdrop while enjoying a few days with your family and friends instead of a few short hours. Some couples opt for a casual beach party in Waimanalo while others envision an elaborate wedding in Waikiki. Honolulu Gay Wedding Photographer Hawaii Civil Unions. The beauty of destination weddings is that they can be as lavish, intimate or low-key as you are. From tropical gardens to ocean view cliffs and rooftop decks, a destination wedding can fit every budget and taste. Oahu same-sex wedding photographers The options are as limitless as your imagination! My Hawaii Gay Destination Weddings web page was created to serve the needs and exceed the expectations of the LGBT community.Honolulu Gay Wedding Photographer Hawaii Civil Unions We total embrace of same-sex weddings and celebrations. Let us create a wedding as unforgettable as your love, Honolulu Gay Wedding Photographer, Hawaii Civil Unions, Wedding Unions, marriage Unions, LGBT Unions, Gay Unions, same-sex Unions

Serving the Island of Oahu - Honolulu - Waikiki - Koolina - Kailua - Kapolei

Honolulu Gay Wedding Photographer Hawaii Civil Unions Photography
Waikiki Lesbian Weddings, Lesbian Wedding Packages Waikiki, Lesbian Weddings in Waikiki - Lesbian Destination Weddings

Aloha! Welcome to my Oahu Hawaii gay-friendly wedding photography web page, my name is Anthony Calleja and I am a Professional Wedding Photographer in Honolulu. I have over 30 years of photography experience and an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau in Honolulu.

Anthony Calleja Photography is an equal opportunity service provider and have photographed marriages of all cultures, religions, same-sex marriages / gay / lesbian.

Waikiki Gay Weddings, Waikiki Wedding Packages Waikiki, Gay Weddings in Waikiki - Gay Destination Weddings

I specialize in on-location honolulu photo sessions for honolulu events, honolulu family photography, honolulu couple photography, beach weddings, and vow renewals with Oahu seascapes as a backdrop.

I offer affordable Honolulu couples photography services and I have many happy satisfied customers, please take a moment to review some of our customer testimonials.

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For your convenience, all of my photo sessions include an SD Card of all of the high-resolution unedited 22-megapixel images and a copyright given to you at the end of the photo session or event, right out of the camera, instead of receiving a disc of some of the proofs 2 weeks later, which most photographers offer. You might be able to find a Honolulu photographers on Oahu who advertise for less, but I don't think you'll find any Honolulu photographer out there who is a better value. You're not just paying for my experience; you're also getting a lot of extras for your money. Even my smallest portrait package is huge when compared to a lot of other local Honolulu photographers out there. I photograph every Oahu photo session personally and works very hard at every event or photo session.

I am on the Island of Oahu Hawaii and I am available to photograph your wedding event in Honolulu, Waikiki, Ko Olina , Kailua and other locations. I am happy to provide you with a custom quote for your destination wedding anywhere on the Island. I am a Same-Sex / Lesbian / Gay-Friendly service.

I thank you for your time and consideration during your search for a Honolulu wedding photographer and wish you and yours the very best in peace and aloha, Anthony Calleja

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Honolulu Lesbian Weddings, Lesbian Wedding Packages Honolulu, Lesbian Weddings in Honolulu - Lesbian Destination Weddings

Call To Action Planning to visit Waikiki, Hawaii for your Honeymoon! Vacation! Vow Renewal! Wedding! For an Experience of a Lifetime!!

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Portrait Service

I am proud to offer you, quality professional Honolulu gay portrait photography services, affordable prices, and fast turn-around. I am energetic and fun to work with.

I love the challenge of finding a great photo in every Honolulu Wedding Photography Event, whether it's a bride and groom at a wedding, engagement couples photo session, Waikiki Honeymoon, or Family Vacation Photos.

My clients trust my experience and professionalism.


As an Oahu Photographer I specialize in a wide range of portrait photography and my specialties include:

Hawaii Beach Photography
Hawaii Maternity Photography
Hawaii Portraits
Hawaii Senior Portraits
Hawaii Swimsuit Photography
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