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Maternity Photography FAQ

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Anthony Calleja Frequently Asked Questions Answers
Frequently Asked Questions

Are maternity photos right for me?

Hawaii Maternity Photography Frequently Asked QuestionsPregnancy is full of surprises and challenges. With all the changes your body is going through, you may be hesitant about getting maternity portraits. The good news is that with the right maternity photographer, the process can actually be a fun experience, completely enjoyable just for itself.

A great maternity photographer will know how to use comfortable poses, artful lighting, complimentary fabrics, and careful retouching so that the final images showcase the best of your natural beauty. Whether you plan to keep the pictures for yourself and your partner or share them with close family and friends, your satisfaction with such intimate portraits will depend on the details. So be sure you select a photographer whose work you absolutely love.

One great thing about maternity pictures is how they can break through shallow notions of feminine beauty. Maternity photographs will flatter the unique form of the pregnant body and help the woman and her partner to feel a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation for the journey. If done right, you may be surprised at how much you treasure the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time for maternity photos?

Hawaii Maternity PhotographersIt is generally recommended to plan your maternity photography session in the late second or early third trimester. You want to be clearly showing but still feel comfortable enough to enjoy the process.

Earlier than that and the belly may not be prominent enough, later than that and you may feel uncomfortable. But every woman and every pregnancy are different, so listening to your body is always a good idea.

Be sure to plan things early so you'll be sure to have your choice of a convenient time. The best maternity photographers can book up weeks in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a great maternity photographer?

Because maternity photography requires such specialized techniques, it is important to find someone with plenty of experience. Photographers that may be good with other types of photography may not be able to deliver top quality maternity photographs.

Do some INTERNET searches and look over the options in your area. Look through each photographer's samples to get a sense of their style. Find pictures that put you at ease, touch you, and make you feel wonder. That's the photographer you want.

Anthony Calleja of Honolulu, Hawaii specializes in maternity photography. Take a look through her extensive portfolio and see how he captures the warmth and joy of motherhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my maternity session?

Wear one of your favorite maternity outfits! Something comfortable and flattering to your form. A relaxed fit is good since you'll be moving into different poses. Mid-tone colors work best -- avoid busy patterns which can be distracting.

If you choose to work with Anthony, he can also recommend an assortment of fabric wraps to accentuate your form. The wraps give a more intimate look while keeping things completely discreet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the photos be retouched?

If you work with Anthony, the simple answer is "yes"!

As any mother-to-be knows, pregnancy is hard on the body. Additionally, everyone has variations and minor imperfections to begin with. Maternity photography will show more of you than usual, so extra care must be taken so the variations do not appear unflattering or distract from the focus of the picture: the beauty of motherhood.

A good maternity photographer will know how to light the scene softly, choose poses, and utilize clothing to flatter the form. Additionally, they will perform professional quality digital retouching so that any unflattering marks can be removed. This process takes great skill since they must be sure to maintain a natural looking result.

Look for examples in the maternity photographer's work that demonstrates how they capture the beauty in a natural way. Unless they specialize in maternity photography, a photographer's work may come across looking either unsightly or plastic. Be sure you like your photographer's style before you book a session!

Frequently Asked Questions

What preparations should I make?

The preparations are similar to any other photo shoot: just be prepared to look your best. It's a good idea to avoid any new or radical changes to your normal hygiene regimen just before the shoot, as new skin cleansing and hair care products could bring about unexpected results.

Being well rested will help, though it's sometimes difficult during pregnancy. Also eating light and healthy the day of the shoot is a good idea so you don't feel bloated or hungry. This will help you look your best.

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I am proud to offer you, quality professional maternity portrait photo services, affordable prices, and fast turn-around. I am energetic and fun to work with. I love the challenge of finding a great photo in every Oahu Hawaii Maternity Photography Session, whether it's a bride and groom at a wedding, engagement couples photo session, Waikiki Honeymoon, or Family Vacation Photos. My clients trust my experience and professionalism.

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