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Hawaii Fashion Photography

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Hello! Welcome to the Fashion photography section of my website. Great photos come from the connection between the photographer's ability to create art and the Model's ability to express themselves for the camera. Any particular photo may look completely candid, artistic, and fresh, but to some degree or another there is almost always some direction from the Fashion photographer in the mix. That's where communication comes in. You need to be able to say what you hope for in the photos and I will exchange ideas with you. The photographer will sometimes "direct" you to lean this way or that, to shake it out to feel a little looser, to "hold it…that's exactly it…that's the shot!" A strong modeling portfolio will help you succeed in today's world! See what a professional modeling portfolio can do for you and your career. If you would like to review my fashion photography packages and services. Here is a link to my Fashion photography packages. If you have any questions regarding setting up a fashion photo session, please contact me. I'd Love to hear from you. :)

As a Hawaii Fashion Photographer, I offer affordable Fashion Photography services with beautiful Oahu Seascapes and landscapes for a backdrop.

Fashion Photography

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